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An Overview

Do you make...?

Channel letters, banners, stickers, tags, exhibits, etc. We can work with you to build anything to display your branding.

Can you do...?

Installation, servicing, site checks, etc. We handle it in-house and on the rare occasion we can't, we will find someone who can help us.

What about...?

Ask us and we will figure it out in a safe and cost effective manner!

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stages of a sign

The typical life of a sign:

  • Initial meeting

    Here is where we figure out the best type of signage for your particular need

  • Designs

    We put together design options for you

  • Construction

    We begin to carefully craft your signage exactly depicted in the designs

  • Installation

    Your sign is now safely installed on location ready to show off your brand

Site checks

A proper site check prevents problems later in the process. We conduct proper and accurate site checks.


We will work with your designer or provide unique and timeless designs from scratch.


We work with your local jurisdiction to acquire the necessary signage permits.


We will plan and execute your sign program to make it easier on you.

Engineered drawings

Some signs need to be engineered and stamped before construction, we look after that for you.

Cranes & Lifts

We can reach absolutely any height to install and service your signage.

LED retrofitting

Are your bulbs burnt out, or spotty? It's time to consider a energy efficient LED retrofit.

Wide format printing

Our 64" wide printer plotter is ready to tackle your next big project.


Does your sign need a facelift? We can refurbish and repair making it new again.


Our talented team is constantly improving the way we work and building signage on a daily basis.


We install interior and exterior signs across Newfoundland.


Ongoing maintenance is important in keeping your signs safe, bright, and looking their best.


In cases of emergency we can be onsite to secure and repair signage quickly.

CNC cutting

Our 4'x8' CNC lets us cut and carve all types of wood and plastics.

Laser engraving

Our 1'x2' laser engraver lets us engrave wood, plastics, metals, and cut wood and plastics.

Asset identification

Branding your assets is important, ask us how.

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